If you’re new to the Nigerian property scene, chances are there are many things you don’t understand — and that’s quite normal. One of those things is land measurement.
You probably have come across the words “plot”, “acre”, and “hectare” times without number, but don’t understand what they really mean. You’re not alone; there are many others like you who don’t know the dimensions of these commonly mentioned units of land measurement.

Here, we’ll be discussing what each unit means, how the different units related to each other, and why you need to understand their measurement.

Most English dictionaries define a plot as a small piece of land dedicated to a specific purpose, such as home construction or farming. However, in real estate parlance, a plot of a piece of land meant for property development.
The size of a plot of land varies by time and place. For example, the dimensions of a plot of land in some countries — including Nigeria — vary from the globally adopted standard of 120ft x 60ft. Similarly, the dimensions of a plot of land in Nigeria used to be 120ft x 60ft decades ago, but now it’s 100ft x 50ft — although the old measurement is still used in a few places. So, as it stands presently, a plot of land in Nigeria measures 100ft x 50ft (5,000 sq. ft). This can accommodate a standard house with a small compound.

The acre is the second most commonly used unit of land measurement in Nigeria (after the plot). Due to differences in the standard measurement of the plot, there are differences in the dimensions of an acre, too.
However, the standard measurement of an acre in most parts of Nigeria is 6 plots. This could have two meanings:
• 6 plots with each measuring 100ft x 50ft = 30,000 sq. ft (most common)
• 6 plots with each measuring 120 ft x 60 ft = 43,200 sq. ft (less common)

Of the common units of land measurement, the hectare is the least commonly used in Nigeria. In fact, it’s the unit most real estate investors and developers struggle with the most.
A hectare of land measures 328 x 328 ft (100m x 100m), which is equivalent to about 2.5 acres.

Why do you need to know these measurements?
There are two major benefits of knowing the standard dimensions for each unit of land.
• First, you would be able to tell quickly whether any piece of land is of full size or not. So, land sellers who dubiously cut out portions of land won’t be able to swindle you.
• Second, you’ll be able to make a perfect plan of whatever structure you intend building over any piece of land you acquire.

With what you’ve read so far, it’s hoped that you’re now more enlightened than before with regards to land measurement in Nigeria.


Adeyemo Dayo Rimi studied mechanical engineering and graduated from the Osun State College of Technology, He is a real estate consultant and a participant with BUY & SELL PROPERTIES IN NIGERIA Group. He resides in Lagos Nigeria

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