TODAY’s NUGGET: ‘Ne Plus Ultra’ Living

Before Italian explorer Christopher Columbus set sail from Spain in 1492 and stumbled upon the Americas, the Spaniards had earlier prided themselves on their misinformed belief that their country was the last westward point of solid land on a flat earth. Early Spanish coins were inscribed with the words “ne plus ultra”- which is a Latin phrase meaning “no more beyond.” They believed there was nowhere else to go after Spain, and if one ventured into the endless sea, certain danger lay ahead.

These same words, “ne plus ultra”, have been stamped in the minds of many men who have great potentials but have not ventured past the limits of their self imposed boundaries. They live in frustration because they believe there is no more beyond their current job, beyond their current state of health, beyond having an unfulfilling marriage, beyond being single etc.

They are afraid of what lies ahead if they dare to pursue more.
The problem of living in “ne plus ultra” mode is that our human nature compels us to seek more. No matter how much you say, “this is it,” your spirit is telling you, “keep searching.” Let us all heed the call to live in the larger space our spirit calls us into.

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