The Power of LEVERAGE 3

SECTION 3: The Leverage of Your ACTIONS

There is an overused story about 3 birds sitting on the fence. The question is ‘if two birds decide to fly away, how many birds are left? The answer is ‘ three birds are left ‘ The lesson is this ‘ just because you decide to do something does not mean you will do it or that you have done it already.
In reality everyone wants to be rich and live a better life but only less than 5 percent of the population becomes rich because that is the percentage that actually takes action.
Take a look at the school system for example. Students are punished for making mistakes yet in real life if you observe you will notice that a successful life is always achieved by learning from mistakes example we learn to ride a bicycle by falling a few times. We also learn to walk by falling and getting up but when we now get to school we are taught not to fall otherwise we will be punished that people who fall are stupid. We are therefore taught that smart people are those who sit like the 3 birds on the fence and memorize the right answers.
If you want to be more successful, simply watch how kids learn and copy them. One of the things you must learn if you want to retire young and rich is how to overcome the fear of making mistakes, the fear of failing and the fear of being embarrassed that’s what kids do naturally that’s why they eventually learn how to sit, crawl, stand, walk, run and climb everything successfully.
Three Easy Things Everyone Can Do To Become Rich.
What you have to do to become rich is simple and easy. Almost everyone can do it. Go back to read the summary of section 1 and 2 that has already been published to learn and understand the basics of what you need to inculcate in yourself to retire young and rich.
In Section 3 we will train on three main assets that make people rich and allow them to retire young. The 3 assets are:
1. Real Estate
2. Paper Assets
3. Businesses
If you follow the trainings published weekly here you can do the simple action steps to begin acquiring these three important assets. Only the rich 5 percent of the population acquires these assets, however if you don’t follow up and study the first two sections you may not be able to take the action steps even though they are easy to do.
In summary getting rich begins with the right mindset, the right words, the right plan then after that the action steps are easy.
Do not miss the next section where we will be focusing in details on the first and the most important form of leverage YOUR MIND
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Review and reference from Rich Dad’s “Retire Young Retire Rich”

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