The Power of LEVERAGE 1

The program will be explaining the power of leverage using three major sections, we will be sharing an intro into this sections one after the other.

SECTION 1: The Leverage of Your Mind

This is the most important leverage and therefore the most important part of this program. In this section you will find out why money does not make you rich. You will realize that the most powerful form of leverage in the world is your mind and it has the power to make you rich or poor.
As stated earlier the power of leverage can be used, abused or feared. In this section you will find out how to use the leverage of your brain in your financial favor, rather than use it against you. Most people take the most powerful leverage in the world ‘their Brain’ and use that power to make themselves poor. That is not the use of that power. Its abuse whenever you say ‘i can’t afford it’ or ‘i can’t do that’ or ‘investing is risky’ or ‘i will never be rich’ you are using the most powerful form of leverage you have to abuse yourself.
If you want to retire young and retire rich, you will need to use your brain in your favor not against you. If you cannot do that then the other two major sections we will be training on will not be possible for you even though they are easy to do. If you gain control over your most powerful form of leverage, the next two sections will be easy because they are easy to do already.
Words are leverage as you will soon find out the power of words. They are powerful tools… tools for the brain and they can make you rich or poor. This section will also show you how Rich people use words and Poor people use words. If you use the right words in your brain, you will be rich but if you use the wrong words your brain will make you poor. It does not take money to make money, getting rich begins with your words and words are free. The difference between the rich and the poor is that the poor people say ‘I can’t afford it’ more often than rich people. That’s the primary difference.
Those who say ‘Investing is risky’ are some of the biggest losers in the investment market, again it goes back to words. You will find out that whatever you think is real becomes your reality. You will also find out why people who think ‘Investment is risky’ end up investing in the riskiest of all investments even though investment does not have to be risky. Its caused by their reality.
Do not miss the next section where we will be focusing on the second form of leverage
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Review and reference from Rich Dad’s “Retire Young Retire Rich”

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