The Leverage of Your MIND 2

How Can You Achieve Your Goal and Retire Young and Rich ?

Now its not about ‘how’ you can retire young and rich because there are so many ways you can achieve that. Its rather about ‘Why’ you should retire young and rich.
You see, “without the ‘why’ you want to retire young and rich the ‘how’ will surely be impossible” so how you do it is not as important as why you want to do it. We have earlier told you in summary that you must focus on these 3 paths to great wealth:
1) Increasing your business skills
2) Increasing money management skills
3) Increasing investment skills.
Its not this ‘how to’ that is important right now but rather “why you want to” It is your “why” that will give you the power to do the “how”.
Take for example, most people have joined seminars, training and groups that have shown them specific step-by-step processes to become rich but they still couldn’t do those things, so its not about how to do it but rather why you should do it. The ‘why’ will give you the power to discover, focus and dedicate to the ‘how to’. The reason most people do not do what they can do is because they don’t have a strong ‘why’. Once you find your ‘why’, it will be easy to find your own ‘how’ to wealth. Instead of looking inside of themselves to find their own why they want to become rich, most people instead look for the easy road to wealth, and the problem with the easy road is that the easy road usually leads to a dead end.


Arguing With Yourself

So many participants of this program have began arguing with themselves since they began this program. Every time we say “Set Your Goals”, “Write it down” and “Create a plan”, most people start arguing with themselves in response with such thoughts as:
1) But I don’t have any money
2) I can’t do that
3) I will think about it next year or when I am settled.
4) You don’t understand my situation
5) I think I need more time.
Now one great lesson you must learn today if you want to get ahead in life financially is that ” If you find yourself arguing with a good idea or against what you know you really want, you may want to stop arguing with yourself”. This is because “whenever someone says something like ‘I can’t afford it’ to something they want, they have a big problem. Why in the world would someone that or ‘I can’t do it’ to something they want? Why would someone deny themselves the things they want? It makes no logical sense”. So when you begin to ask yourself questions like “why not retire rich and retire early?” “What could be wrong with that?” “Why am I arguing against the idea?” “Why am I arguing against myself?” “Its a good idea and I have always believed that the future holds a lot of things for me” your mind will begin to open with this questions and thoughts of the rich.
Now we know many people have dreamt big and started some projects and possibly lost them and some even lost their self confidence. Most people may be arguing with themselves on this idea of retiring young and rich because they do not want to feel disappointed again. You may also be arguing against yourself because you may want to be protecting yourself from the pain that dreaming big dreams can bring if that dream does not become reality. Be informed that you are currently arguing against failing again not against the dream.
First find your ‘Why’ which is a very strong reason why you must retire young and rich then set your big goal which is a minimum of 10 years.
Do not miss the next section where we will be focusing in details on Why You Should Retire As Young As You Can. Ensure you share your thoughts on what you have learnt either by commenting or making a video of yourself talking about what you learnt then post it on our Facebook group, Join our Facebook group here Retire YOUNG, Retire RICH 
Review and reference from Rich Dad’s “Retire Young Retire Rich”

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