The Power of LEVERAGE 1

The program will be explaining the power of leverage using three major sections, we will be sharing an intro into this sections one after the other. SECTION 1: The Leverage of Your Mind This is the most important leverage and therefore the most important part of this program. In this section you will find out why money does not make you rich. You will realize that the most powerful form of leverage in the world is your mind and it has [...]

Why David Met Goliath!

The story of David is simply that of a young man who started with nothing yet rose to become one of the greatest kings of all time.. David was able to beat Goliath because David knew the POWER of LEVERAGE If you really would like to take on this financial life changing journey as a youth you MUST be ready to understand and apply the power of financial leverage. Cash Flow is the most important word in the world of money, [...]

End of Oil; Rise of Initiative, Skills and Talent for African Youths

Volvo said that all of the models it introduces from 2019 will be either hybrids or powered solely by batteries – The New York Times For more info Following the increased demand around the world for alternative renewable sources of energy and the rise by developed economies to fill this gap, the end to oil as a significant world demand for international trades has become a reality. Unfortunately the effect of this turn for African economies cannot be imagined following the [...]

REVEALED!! The Roadmap To Actualizing Biafra

Biafra is a State of Being. Until the Igbos have achieved that state of being, the desired geopolitical region remains at risk, so they must pursue both tasks together. And the State of Being is as follows: The Igbos have to do as the Catalonians did in Spain. When they realized that the Castelianos (Madrid) will never voluntarily or easily give them Independencia, the Catalonians (Barcelona) decided to turn inwards and develop their region Technologically, Economically and Infrastructurally – and now they are [...]

6 Signs That You are Highly INTELLIGENT even if You don’t think You are

Intelligence is defined as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills, and use them to make judgements or have opinions based on reason. Being book-smart and knowing all the facts doesn’t mean you’re intelligent. It’s in your ability to constructively use the valuable information you have attained, and hone your adaptability skills while doing so. So if you are one of the many people who didn’t score straight A’s in school, that doesn’t mean you aren’t smart- people exhibit intelligence in a variety of [...]

DIASPORA—Davido‘s afrobeats banger “If” gets a remix from R&B heavyweight R.Kelly.

The seasoned singer hinted at the collaboration back in May, to which Davido responded excitedly on his Instagram with a video of him jamming to the remix in his car. “Crazyyy!!!!!!! THE LEGEND R KELLY REMIXED ‘IF’,” he wrote in the caption. “Whaaaaaaat!! I’m honored!! 😬 #backtobasics stay true to your culture!! THEY WILL COME!!”