As a Business or Corporate entity, your might have very good products and services. As an individual you might have an exceptional skill to promote your personality but the key challenge is getting these products, services or skills to the target audience.


Youthslead has provided an advantage for you using our online platform and blog to extend your reach and create a family name for the values you offer. We present the following new media opportunities to enable you gain a significant edge over competition


We have also built specific mobile applications on modern platforms such as Blackberry, Android and iOS platforms and these offer increased visibility to your brand as an advertiser with our platform.


On monthly basis, youthslead projects an average of 1.7million unique visits  from Nigeria and overseas. Detailed traffic analysis will be made available on request to enable you achieve better targeting and positioning of your media campaigns.


Our advert application enables you to place your advert on any of our platforms and pay right from the comfort of your home or office. It also delivers detailed performance reports of number of impressions and “click through” emanating from our platform.


Find below our advert rates.


Online Advert Rates (Naira)

Home Page

Nomenclature Dimension (in pixels) Rate per week VAT (5%) Total


Maxi Banner 600X90 152,882.91
Lead Banner 460X90 116,999.53
Full Banner 460X60 78,139.68
Medium Banner 270X90 68,797.66
Maxi Banner Under Editorial Items 525X100 91,162.97
Half Banner Under Editorial Items 230X60 60,516.96
Square Board Under Editorial Items 250X250 136,692.36
Skyscraper  Under Editorial Items 250X600 145,808.25
Leader Board Under Editorial Items 525X100 79,737.00
Text Link Under Editorial Items Maximum of 24 Words   26,046.56





*  All Adverts must be pre-paid before publication.


*  Artwork may be sent by e-mail (as attachment to


Advert rates are subject to review but with due notice to our advertisers

For further information on online adverts, contact us on:


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